Writing Resources

  • Reading and Writing Skills at the Univ. of St.Thomas. Starting with study skills, this site is jammed with useful information for new college students. Scroll down the page to the sections on reading and writing skills. This is a great place to start if you have questions about taking notes, the basic components of an academic essay, or the writing process in general.
  • Univ. of Victoria Writer's Guide. This site delivers clear and helpful information on essays and college writing.
  • Univ. of Wisconsin Writing Center. While addressing the basics, this site also features more advanced resources such as tips for writing about literature and guidelines for incorporating outside sources.
  • Darling's Grammar Page. This site addresses any grammar issue you could think of in a wonderfully accessible way. It also provides great advice on thesis statements, paragraph development, and essay structure.

Essay Resources

Food For Thought

Website Analysis

Critical Thinking

  • Both the Univ. of Victoria Writer's Guide and Darling's Grammar Page mentioned above also provide useful advice and tips on aspects of critical thinking.
  • Mission Critical. This site at San Jose State University is full of information about critical thinking and includes quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Longview Community College.This page covers all the basics and illustrates critical thinking principles with really great examples.

Internet Research

  • Metaguide of Online Library Databases. Click on the link that says "Access the Metaguide," and you can track down information listed by category throughout countless University Library Databases. This is a very good place to start doing online research.
  • Research Tools at Trinity College. This page has links for internet search engines, directories, major newspapers and more.
  • Needle in a Cyberstack. This site is a Mega-Mega-list that seems to have links to any subject or field one can think of. Huge! Except for the few initial links, notice the categories are arranged in alphabetical order as you scroll down the page. The search feature at the top left hand corner is probably a good place to start.
  • Electronic Text Collections. These are lists of complete online texts that focus on history and government statistics. Especially good for Comp II students because links are organized by region. For instance, if one wants to research a paper about India or Africa, links pertaining to these areas are already arranged under their regional headings.


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