The Cosmic Slinky


Anima Mundi Revisited


A Treatise on First Causes
and the Universal Manifestations
Which Emanate Therefrom


Special Consideration Given
to the Human Aspect and the
questions arising


Truth and the Liberation
of Mind and Spirit

(or not)


Philbin Macro


I. Q. & A.

Is this a "New Age" book?
What's the meaning of life?
Is there a God?
What's Buddhism? Is this anything I want?
What's the deal with the "Cosmic Slinky"?
Why should I buy all this?
What about reincarnation?
Do I need to find a guru or something?

II. The Essays

Waking Up
Is Painting About Truth? What Is Truth?
The Philosopher's Stone

III. Notes & Errata

Notes and Errata

IV. Resources

Theosophical University Press Online
Gnostic Society Virtual Library
Religious Texts in the ETEXT Archives
A Handful of Leaves
Mysticism in World Religions
Church of the Subgenius
Foo-da's massive resource